About us

Pixel To Code have been working in Umbraco since 2010 and have built or supported Umbraco websites too numerous to count.

Through our work maintaining Umbraco websites built by other agencies or contractors, we have seen many different methods of construction. Often the work comes our way because the client relationship with the agency has broken down. A principal factor is often the cost of maintenance due to the inflexibility of the back end. Simple layout changes requested by the client are met with high estimates, because of the amount of code that has to be rewritten and retested.

When building new sites, client requirements can change often very late in the process, after the code body is in place and has been fully tested. This is particularly true in fast moving sectors such as PR, marketing and finance.

Our own approach has been shaped by these factors, so building for flexibility and simplicity are prerequisites. Using generic modules, and separating layout from code, creates a back-end that is easy for the user to navigate and facilitates speedy layout changes. 

You'll find further information on our methods on our website.